Days 2018

Six Cities. One Community.

Amazon Research Days Globe

Welcome Note

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the 2018 Amazon Research Days, a first of its kind event connecting external academic researchers around the globe with the Amazon Research community. The event is a series of one-day interactive symposia and has been designed to connect academic researchers worldwide with the Amazon Research community, in order to allow for a symmetric exchange of ideas. One unique characteristic of the Amazon Research Days is that each day is being held in a different location in order to make it easy for any academic worldwide to attend. Each one-day event is held at a major research talent hub, including, from East to West, Bangalore (India), Haifa (Israel), Berlin (Germany), Cambridge (UK), Boston (USA/MA), and will conclude at Amazon headquarters in Seattle (USA/WA).

Each event’s agenda composition is different. We have speaker tracks at each event but also a combination of demo sessions, internal and external poster sessions, Q&A panels, round tables focusing on specialties, diversity mentor sessions (for example, women graduate student mentoring breakfast), and many more. As this is our first year introducing the program, we decided to keep each event intimate with 150-250 attendees in each city. When developing the attendance list we ensured that we not only had diversity in levels of expertise but also a diverse audience in regards to gender and geographical representation as our goal was for this event to be for external researchers globally. We have made every effort to achieve a gender balance at each event. The gender composition efforts extended to the speaker panel, the poster presentations, the panel Q&A and the round tables. We highly recommend you take a look at the registration page to see further details of the event make up and participants.

Looking forward to hosting you at one of the ARD events.

–Yoelle and Ralf

  • Yoelle MaarekVP of Research, Alexa Shopping | Amazon
  • Ralf HerbrichDirector, Core AI | Amazon